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Living A Beta Life

Most people will have heard of beta mode or testing. It is where software, services, or products are features ready but the potential for known or unknown bugs exists. As information is gathered, successful solutions to the problems are developed, and consumer concerns are addressed. The result is a stable platform, valued service, or leading product. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

As a full-time business owner, I have found this week very interesting for various reasons. New challenges were conquered, great connections made, and brilliant conversations. And as I write this newsletter, reflecting on the week just gone there is one thing that holds. In helping people, teams, and businesses improve, I need to constantly evolve, gain new knowledge, and learn new skills. I genuinely need to be living in beta mode.

So, how can we all live a beta life?

The first stage is accepting that we are incomplete, mistakes will occur, creating opportunities to grow. From there we can all flourish in a constant cycle of curiosity, insight, and purpose. Empowered to live with intention, in line with our core values, following our passions to make a difference.


gary butterfield YG8rZ323UsU unsplash
Image: Gary Butterfield

Being naturally inquisitive allows you to explore and identify your passions, interests, and skills. While this provides a clearer understanding of how to leverage strengths to realise potential, it is when you start exploring outside your comfort zone that provides richer experiences. A greater curiosity for what you don’t know or understand will allow personal and professional growth.


noble mitchell CdwTHjJdvY0 unsplash
Image: Noble Mitchell

Through reflection, you can start to develop themes within your interests, providing deep insight into your motivations and core values. You can discover the passions in life and how connecting with them brings more pleasure and joy. While asking yourself challenging questions you can highlight where pressures, expectations, and others’ influence have moved you along a different path, at odds with your driving force.


jamie street 94HLr QXo8 unsplash
Image: Jamie Street

Why do you do what you do?

And is it at odds with your passion and values?

These are two hugely important questions when developing your purpose in life. And once you have articulated your ‘Why?” then you can apply curiosity and the subsequent insight to grow personally and professionally, developing a mindset of constant improvement.

This week try living a beta life.

Have a brilliant week!

David Rogers, Founder & CEO, Fuelled Fit and Fired Up Ltd

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