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If They're Good Enough

An exciting young prospect made their professional sports debut at 16 years old, making them the youngest player in the club’s history and breaking a nearly 50-year-old record.  Within twelve months, the player moved to one of Europe’s leading teams, the club retired their shirt number to remember one of their own and to inspire […]

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Perception Of Time

As December approaches, it is a great time to reflect on what has been accomplished professionally and personally over the previous 12 months. It can be a fascinating process as priorities change over time, with perceived crucial tasks not coming to fruition or simply falling by the wayside. When reviewing those specific activities, we may […]

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Youthful Inspiration

In last week’s newsletter, I spoke briefly about the divergent mix of ages and generations that make up modern workplaces. Long gone are the days when there was a dominant single age group. And this should be seen as an exciting prospect that brings different strengths and views to every work environment. An asset that […]

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Blah, Blah, Blah

My first job after university was as a trainee accountant. We had desktop PCs with elementary email and little or no internet. Our accounting journals were input on one stand-alone terminal where you booked time to use it. It feels like the dark ages, and technology-wise it was. Back in 1995, a mobile phone allowed […]

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Future Success Stories

I often find a quote can elicit interesting, inspiring, and insightful conversations with any business leader or owner I meet. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” is attributed to Austrian-American consultant Peter Drucker and British Mathematician Lord Kelvin, with growthink.com hailing it as one of the two most important business quotes. The […]

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Power Of Three

During childhood, the Power of Three captured your imagination without you even realising it. This week I share how influential it has been and how inspiring it can be in the future. The number three was important, inspiring, and influential in many parts of early years’ development. Parents would sing Three Blind Mice to keep […]

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