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Unleash The Power

Playful Curiosity

Last week I joined Andrew Jenkins on his Leaders Live show, where we had a fantastic conversation about The Power of a Playful Workplace and How It Can Build Success. In the lead-up to the show, we ran a LinkedIn poll to find out whether people can have fun at work and still be professional. […]

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Brain Fog

Ever feel like you are experiencing brain fog? Where the simplest of tasks feels strangely difficult or making a decision is a struggle? Feeling disconnected from everything that’s going on around you probably sounds familiar, as if you’re living in a dream world underpinned by increasing stress levels. Many of us will have experienced burnout. […]

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Nudge Now

I’m getting to the age where I walk into the room and immediately forget what I want. As we age, our power of recall diminishes and learning a new skill or taking on knowledge can be incredibly infuriating. The inability to recall vital information can knock confidence, increase stress, and even lead to missed opportunities. […]

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Rest And Relax

It’s a short and sweet newsletter this week, as I take an extended break over the festive period to spend quality time with family and friends. But before I sign off until 2023, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the five most popular editions of Unleash The Power. Live Your Passion What happens […]

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Knowing Is Not Enough

Through my work with schools’ career programmes, I find myself discussing how important it is to prepare students to transition into employment by learning the softer skills that seasoned professionals perhaps take for granted. While being empathetic, resilient, and adaptable helps forge successful careers, we must not lose sight of the practical learning that comes […]

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If They're Good Enough

An exciting young prospect made their professional sports debut at 16 years old, making them the youngest player in the club’s history and breaking a nearly 50-year-old record.  Within twelve months, the player moved to one of Europe’s leading teams, the club retired their shirt number to remember one of their own and to inspire […]

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