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Unleash The Power

Cultivating Your Team

Regular readers of Unleash The Power will know that I shared bite-size guides on leadership over the last couple of weeks. This week we focus on Coaching one of the 4 situational leadership styles. We will look at what coaching is, the benefits it brings, and one of the most popular frameworks to apply. What […]

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Versatility In Leadership

The world is changing rapidly, and businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to succeed, meaning leaders need a flexible approach to developing their teams. There are many reasons why it is more crucial than ever for leaders to be versatile and adaptable in their style. First, the workforce is becoming more diverse, with […]

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Avengers Assemble

No person is an island, which is especially true in business. Starting out can feel like you are all alone. But the truth is, there are people who want to help you succeed. You need to seek them out. Look at the Avengers for inspiration, a group of superheroes coming together to save the world […]

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Fierce Conversations

Difficult conversations are a part of life. They can be uncomfortable, awkward, and even downright scary. But they're also essential for maintaining healthy relationships, resolving conflict, and achieving our goals. The longer we put off difficult conversations, the worse they tend to get. When we don't address our concerns head-on, they can fester and grow, […]

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Follow The Leader

Often, the most fleeting contact or conversation has a significant impact on us. The same can be said for our learning. A short, sharp shot of knowledge, delivered engagingly, can stay with us much longer than days spent in training room environments. Over the next editions of Unleash the Power, I will share my go-to […]

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AI, or not AI, That is the question

Have you used AI? What have you created? Having taken time to warm up to the idea of AI to help create content, I now use it regularly, including generating ideas for this weekly newsletter. Thinking about it, perhaps I shouldn’t have admitted that in writing. Now everyone will try to decide which bits are […]

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