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The Power Of The Pandemic

It’s 7.00 am on Saturday and I’m writing this while sitting on a train at Wolverhampton Station. Storm Eunice has left the UK cold, wet and miserable, but my mood is one of happiness, excitement and positivity. Why? Because this train is heading to London for my first visit to the capital since mid-2019. In just under two hours, I will be in the 'Big Smoke' taking in the sights before meeting friends.

But these are friends with a difference. They are people I have only seen in a virtual world, where a monthly Zoom call connects us. We are all members of an online self-development community called Team 17. Launched during the pandemic by International author, coach, and speaker Michael Heppell it has created an environment that brought like-minded individuals together. Everyone joined with the same goal, to help others first. Creating a support network providing advice, sharing knowledge, and helping deliver results. Diversity of thinking within the group means every person grows personally and professionally. Not only that, genuine friendships have been formed.

For me, this is the power of the pandemic. The positive outcome from a world of hurt and change. Showing how adapting to technology allows the opportunity to branch out. Not only within the confines of the UK but worldwide. Our networks are much greater than what was directly in front of us. And it needs to be embraced. Whether it be meeting new clients, potential employees, or sourcing suppliers, reaching out across the world has never been easier.

Forming these connections on a personal level make the relationship meaningful. They are built on trust, integrity, and understanding, creating solid foundations. But it takes time to nurture these relationships. Hours need investing with no immediate financial return, and successful leaders recognise it is time well spent. Take a step back from being caught up in the daily grind. Taking the organisation to the next level requires you to work on your business, not in it. 

Here are five questions to consider to help make that change.

  1. What proportion of your time is spent working ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ your business?
  2. What actions can you take to increase this time?
  3. What approaches can you take to expand your network?
  4. What diverse thinking can these new connections bring to your business?
  5. What external support do you need?

The last two years has connected the world on a whole new level. Embrace this change, as this is the real power of the pandemic. Let it help you grow your business.

To find out more about Team 17 here https://michaelheppell.mykajabi.com/team17-Open or reach out to me directly.

At Fuelled Fit and Fired Up, our purpose is simple. We want to help you develop a healthy, successful, and sustainable business. If you are interested in finding out how we can unleash the power in your business, then contact us at info@fuelledfitandfiredup.com.

David Rogers, Founder & CEO of Fuelled, Fit and Fired Up

PS. London was brilliant!

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