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The Choice Is Yours

Earlier in the week, I decided to re-organise my filing system. Amazed at what I have held onto over the years, it turned into quite a cathartic experience. Now files are deleted, archived, or accessible quicker than before. Job well done!

One discovery was an unpublished article, which resonated even more with me today than in November 2020 when I originally wrote it. A brilliant subject for a newsletter too. Here it is with a few 2022 upgrades.

eric prouzet KHva8ATmUls unsplash
Image: Eric Prouzet

Every year we make and then break numerous promises to ourselves.

Why is this the case?

Often we make excuses, create our own narrative, and lie about our aspirations. Ignoring the reality of the situation, we have convinced ourselves that our choices are correct.

Our brains create patterns that formulate behaviours and habits. These become our safety blanket (think Linus from Peanuts). We are in our happy place, associating decisions or actions with comfort, convincing ourselves we made the right choices.

But at what cost?

What experiences are you missing?

What joy could you be bringing to others?

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws. But how we value ourselves is based on the narrative created through our inner belief system. Ensuring we always feel happy, content, and assured that we followed the right path. Right?

Wrong. We are sitting firmly in our comfort zone and missing brilliant opportunities that can challenge us in ways we could never imagine. We have developed an aversion to risk, frightened to put our heads above the parapet for fear of being shot down.

Think back to when you or your kids learned to ride a bike.

Fall Off?

Yes, we all did.

But how you reacted is crucial. Most children bounce back up, dust themselves off and try again. As adults, societal norms concern us with how people perceive us. We fear being different or challenging the status quo. We don’t want to stand out.

But, being different makes a difference.

towfiqu barbhuiya Jxi526YIQgA unsplash
Image: Towfiqu Barbhuiya

We must challenge ourselves if we are serious about change and commit to opportunities or fresh experiences when they arise. Perhaps we should be more childlike in our approach.

If you want to rediscover youthful exuberance for learning, I recommend you read Be More Kid by Ed James, Mark Taylor, and Nicky Taylor. The authors challenge you to escape the grown-up trap and live life to the fullest, which made me question my approach to life.

Viewing the world through the eyes of a child, where everything is exciting, shiny, and new, cultivates an environment of constant learning. Be actively curious at all times.

“Excuses will always be there for you, but opportunity won’t!”

Have a brilliant week!

David Rogers

Founder & CEO, Fuelled Fit and Fired Up Ltd

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