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Teach to Learn, and Form New Habits

Teaching. It is a great way to learn, form new habits, and commit to action.

It is also known as THE PROTÉGÉ EFFECT and is a straightforward principle proven to create a better understanding of a new subject, delivering better results. By explaining a subject to others, you cement your knowledge and can apply it more effectively. It is a learning strategy that could be utilised more when making changes in your lifestyle.

You may have experienced peer learning at school or work. It’s an extension of that concept, with studies showing real benefits to the approach. If you are going to teach something, you prepare better. You make sense of new material when you mentally rearrange the information, merging it with what you already know. When coupled with the act of teaching, you get the long-term ability to retain, learn and commit to the information or task.

If you apply the same approach to achieving your sustainable, healthier lifestyle, think how more effective you could be in getting results. You could try teaching your kids about the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables or your night owl friend about the benefits of high-quality sleep and all the time, bettering your understanding. Increasing your commitment and accountability for your results as you go.

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