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Sense Of Wonder

When was the last time you truly had a breathtaking experience?

Where you witnessed an awe-inspiring achievement or saw a spectacular sight for the first time?

As adults, responsibilities increase, and our sense of wonder diminishes, as we are trapped in the cycle of life. We start to lose our inner child and that unique way that the world is viewed, with a sense of awe and positivity that embraces each moment with happiness and joy. But you don’t have to be a child to experience this sensation of delight, mystery, and adoration.

So, how do we get it back? Why would we want to? And what is a sense of wonder anyway?

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Image: Arto Marttinen

What is a Sense of Wonder?

A sense of wonder is a child-like feeling of amazement at the world around us. It exposes our curiosity about everything and anything, giving us a feeling of grateful awe about the smaller things in life. Wonder not only provides a positive feeling, but it also helps you pause, and become more mindful, and appreciative of all around you.

While the mystery of trekking in Borneo, or the wilderness of Alaska will, no doubt, foster wonder. The feeling can be cultivated just as easily on your commute to work. You just need to know how, and here are three straightforward ways.

Appreciate Small Things

Life isn't easy, but we know that. Having a sense of wonder provides happiness from things we overlook daily. Take in the sunrise or sunset, gaze up, and watch how the skies change or listen to nature next time you are out for a walk. As you pause more, you begin viewing the world differently, with a sense of excitement.

Improve Your Learning

Learning new skills or activities can be daunting, but having a sense of awe opens you up to new possibilities, putting you in a prime position to become the best version of yourself. Time no longer becomes a barrier as you set aside the resources you need to develop. Distractions disappear as you create a childlike curiosity about everything and anything around you. 

Break Your Routine

Sleep.Work. Eat. Repeat. Our lives follow a simple pattern, so how do we break the monotony? Having a sense of wonder makes you want to explore more and step out of the comfort of your routine. It makes you much happier as you recognise the potential of every moment. Whatever you choose will expand your mind, improve your experiences, and increase your knowledge. 

And a sense of awe and wonder can be equally impactful in business. 

Social change occurs for many reasons. Often people have become disenfranchised or enraged about a situation and feel they have nothing to lose. But, in business, you need to flip this on its head and create a culture of empowerment where individuals are inspired to be better and challenge the status quo. Wonder and awe can be the foundation for this positive message.

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Image: Omer Nezih Gerek

Why Cultivate A Culture of Awe?

Awe is a sensation or emotion felt when you’re a part of something much bigger than yourself, where you feel connected to the world around you and develop a sense of wonder, just as you did as a child.

Looking at business challenges with a fresh mindset requires the removal of preconceived ideas and expectations that have built up over time. Tapping into people’s inner child helps them become more curious, collaborative, humble, creative, and selfless. New and innovative solutions are the outcome.

People’s health and wellbeing improve as stress reduces, and greater life satisfaction comes through the calming effects that a sense of wonder brings. Plus, it can promote better physical health through reduced inflammation and decreased risk of degeneration of the heart, autoimmune system, and cognitive functions.

Here are just a few ideas on how you could introduce more awe and wonder to your workplace.

Walk and Talk Meetings – Get out in nature and enjoy the surroundings while brainstorming ideas

Volunteering – Find a local community project to support or attend a local event to meet new people

Free Time – Filling every hour with meetings and tasks doesn’t allow time to explore, reflect, and address challenges with a sense of wonder.

Visit New Places – Take the opportunity to hold meetings, events, and socials in exciting locations.

Keep Asking Why – As adults, we tend to accept things for what they are. Start asking why at every opportunity.

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Image: Ben McLeod

We are born with a sense of wonder, and while it fades through age, it doesn’t have to disappear.

How can you incorporate child-like behavior and thoughts into each day to experience the sense of wonder again?

Have a brilliant week!

Dave Rogers, Chief Business Explorer, Fuelled Fit and Fired Up

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