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Selfless Service

The UK has experienced a historic, poignant, and emotional week.

I, like many, have been somewhat surprised by my reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. A sense of loss, emptiness, and sadness followed the announcement on Thursday evening. Something that took me by surprise, given I’m middle of the road when it comes to the royals, being neither pro nor anti-monarchy. It was like I had lost a family member.

Reflecting on her passing, I realise that for nearly 49 years, the Queen had been a constant in my life. And for many people, that time is even longer. It is no wonder that the nation, and indeed the world, has reacted with such an outpouring of love.

For over 70 years, she has shown levels of dedication that many leaders should learn. Her selfless service to the Royal family, the nation, and Commonwealth has been exemplary. Even in her final days, she continued to work, welcoming the incoming and outgoing Prime Ministers to Balmoral, despite being in serious ill health.

As the matriarch of the Firm, she has handled family tragedy, seen three of her children divorce, and recently estrangement between the younger royals. All from a position that she may not have found herself in without her Uncle Edward abdicating, resulting in her father taking the throne. She embraced her role as Queen with aplomb, supported by her late husband, Prince Phillip.

Listening to the anecdotes shared by the many who have had the pleasure to meet Queen Elizabeth II, it is clear she was knowledgeable, made people feel at ease, and had a mischievous streak. One of her greatest assets was making a statement without even speaking, shaking hands with the late ex-IRA leader Martin McGuiness, and personally driving the Saudi Crown Prince on his state visit, to name but two.

Queen Elizabeth II was a leader in every sense of the world.

Thank you for your selfless service, Ma’am. 

And I look forward to watching King Charles III carry on your legacy.

Have a brilliant week!

David Rogers, Founder & CEO, Fuelled Fit and Fired Up Ltd

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