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Live Your Passion

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive”

This week a friend shared these powerful words from Howard Thurman on social media. For those who don’t know, Thurman was an American author, philosopher, and civil rights leader. He was a prominent religious figure and influenced and shaped a generation of civil rights activists, including Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Thurman followed his passion, fought to make a better world for everyone, and much of his teaching and quotes remain relevant today. In fact, this particular quote reminds me of why I’m excited about the future, my new business venture, and how helping others makes me feel alive.

The words also took me back to a conversation I had with someone who, like me, decided to step away from the security of corporate life after 27 years and start their own business. As we talked, we reflected on the reasons for making a huge life choice, the pros, and the cons. And despite all the challenges, our enthusiasm to make it work boiled down to a passion for change. To make a difference in our own unique way.

But it was interesting that we also concluded that we still enjoyed elements of what we left behind. The passion hadn’t disappeared entirely, just been dampened enough for another devotion to take pole position. Our lives remain balanced just with different priorities. Something we see throughout our life journey but, perhaps, seldom recognise or even ignore.

Time is finite. The chips we gamble on the roulette wheel of life must be placed on the correct portion of the table. To be truly fulfilled, we must focus on those things that we enjoy, keep us healthy, and help others. Following your primary passion at any given point is critical to staying energised, motivated, and excited about the future.

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Image Credit: Ozgu Ozden

When doing something you love, you reduce procrastination, achieve more, and share the best version of yourself with the world. It allows for different experiences, opening the doors to new learning, and challenging your comfort zone.

Here are three benefits to living your passion.

Be More Creative

Your creative flow receives a boost by following your passion. You are inspired to find imaginative solutions to problems, adding interest to your life and making you better at what you do.

Nothing Can Stop You

Your imaginative ideas will mean any obstacle is accepted and removed by a creative solution. Following your passion makes you feel unstoppable and that nothing can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Relax More

Doing something you don’t enjoy can be draining, stressful, and unhealthy. When you follow your passion, time flies, but you can relax and reset much easier before getting back to work.

All of this bodes well for your overall health as creativity stimulates the brain, stress reduces, and you get more sleep. All while doing what you love!

Are you living your passion? Do you feel alive?

Have a brilliant week!

David Rogers

Founder & CEO, Fuelled Fit and Fired Up Ltd

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