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Groundhog Day

Every day feels like Groundhog Day. Sound familiar?

This can create a sense of going through the motions, not connecting with what matters most, and impacting motivation. Finding that sense of purpose has become increasingly difficult, and the risk of losing focus on your health and wellbeing goals is real.

But fear not, regaining your mojo is not impossible. And here are some fantastic tips to re-ignite your motivation and achieve amazing results.

1. Accept your feelings

Don’t put pressure on yourself when you do feel bored, unmotivated, or generally fed up. Our first instinct may be thinking of ways to improve our mood, which is great but can make things worse. It is something called the paradoxical theory of change. In simplistic terms, if you try to be something you are not, then you make things worse for yourself. By completely accepting where you are, the change will naturally start to happen.

2. Focus on your passions

Often an effective way of supercharging your motivation, our hobbies are the things we enjoy. It could be cooking, biking, or knitting, it doesn’t matter. It gets your juices flowing, giving you a greater sense of purpose in other areas of your life. Focus on what you know, no need for added pressure. Remember that you’re doing it for yourself.

3. Make your goals personal and rewarding

If you’re an individual who sets themselves goals and targets, then focus on those that give you a sense of winning. Making them personal, with a ‘prize’ on offer, creates a greater sense of achievement. In turn, motivating you to deliver better results, in a fun and exciting way.

4. Connect with people

Humans are built to interact, so finding new ways to connect with people is a fantastic way to stay positive and motivated. Get creative, because the last thing we need is just another Zoom meeting. Try a Livestream lockdown gig that you and your friends can interact with, a virtual training event, or just pick up the phone (remember when we made phone calls).

5. Focus on you

Simply be kind to yourself. Humans are resilient and have the capabilities and skills to get through anything. And you do too! There’s a good chance you’re probably beating yourself up about it. Stop right there, take a breath, remind yourself you are doing the best you can.

You’ve got this.

Have a brilliant week!

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