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Scales don't measure sexy

Being fit and healthy is more than just about the numbers. There is more to physical and mental wellbeing than counting calories and weight loss. It is about how you feel. The confidence that builds as your body starts to transform or the increased energy allowing you to complete more tasks. For this reason, I […]

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How flexible are you?

The situation we find ourselves in means a lot of you reading this will have learned to embrace remote working over recent weeks. Finally using the technology that your business invested in years ago to its full potential. Think Skype and Teams, to name a couple, and I really wish I’d bought shares in Zoom […]

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15 years on the Hospitality Roller Coaster

This week marks my 15 year anniversary in Hospitality. There has certainly been some ups and downs! During this time I have seen the sector react to, change & adapt and subsequently recover from numerous challenges; Smoking Ban (2007), Global Financial Crisis (2008), ever increasing costs (duty, national living wage, food cost inflation to name […]

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Fuelled, Fit and Fired – Stability in Crisis

What do you think when you read the word CRISIS? We may think of events that have caused major upheaval on a global or national scale, or have impacted businesses. For example, we are continually battling against world hunger and environmental issues and in the last 20 years we have seen the financial markets plummet […]

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Can your Head Office be Covid safe and a sociable space?

It’s Monday 17th March 2020; the last day our head office was fully functioning, full of colleagues and most importantly a fun place to be. That was the day our office closed and just over a week later the whole country went into Covid lockdown and working from home became the new normal. Fast forward […]

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Teach to Learn, and Form New Habits

Teaching. It is a great way to learn, form new habits, and commit to action. It is also known as THE PROTÉGÉ EFFECT and is a straightforward principle proven to create a better understanding of a new subject, delivering better results. By explaining a subject to others, you cement your knowledge and can apply it […]

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